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  • Compare ANHosting versus midPhase Hosting Services

    A Feature vs. Feature Comparison of the Differences

    If you are considering both AN Hosting and midPhase Hosting, you might want to know about some of the differences. First, a comparison of AN Hosting and midPhase reveals very similar web site hosting packages. This table is designed to show the differences and similarities between the ANHosting vs. midPhase account.

    ANHosting - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.
    ANHosting - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.

    Feature AN Hosting midPhase
    Price - Annual Contract $6.95/month $4.95/month
    Unlimited Database Hosting Yes Yes
    Web Space 500GB Unlimited GB - Special Offer
    Traffic 5000GB Unlimited GB - Special Offer
    Email Addresses Unlimited POP3 Accounts Unlimited IMAP
    Free Domain Name Yes Yes

    In general, ANHosting provides better value than midPhase since you get better features for less money. BUT, right now midPhase has a sale on their hosting plan so you could if you buy midPhase vs. ANHosting today get more account features for less pricing. Click here to view the midPhase website hosting special sale offer. This is a temporary difference between midPhase and ANHosting so it depends when you make your purchase decision. There are some key differences between midPhase & ANHosting. First, if you need Windows web hosting or VPS hosting services then you should choose midPhase vs. ANHosting since offers shared Linux website hosting only. Second, depending upon which control panel you are looking for, midPhase might be better. The midPhase cPanel control panel is the most popular control panel on the market. Both ANHosting and midPhase cPanel offer online demos, so just visit their websites and check out the product pages. Third, there are large differences between ANHosting and midPhase when you compare their MySQL database support. The ANHosting package comes with unlimited database hosting versus just one MySQL database at - depending upon how you will be using your web space, choosing AN Hosting for this reason over midPhase might be a good reason.

    As with any host vs. host comparison, individuals may have preferences so we encourage you to visit each web host to learn more. Visit ANHosting here, and midPhase here.

    FAQ: Why are the midPhase and AN|Hosting packages so similar? Are ANHosting and midPhase the same company? Not many people know this, but ANHosting and midPhase are owned by the same parent company, which is midPhase Services, Inc.. So midPhase vs. anhosting is similar because the same company promotes each separately with slightly different website hosting package features. Both companies use the same company data center located in Chicago, USA and phone lines are answered at the same call center in the company headquarters. If you want to save money when you compare ANHosting to midPhase, choose ANHosting. Unless you need the extra bandwidth, you will save $1 per month, or $12 per year, by selecting ANHosting and you'll get nearly the same features.

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