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  • Compare ANHosting versus IX Web Hosting Hosting Services

    An AN Hosting Feature vs. IX Web Hosting Feature Comparison of Hosting Plans

    If you are considering ANHosting vs. IX Web Hosting, you might want to know about some of the differences. To start, a comparison of AN Hosting and IX Web Hosting shows very similar website hosting packages. Our easy IXWebHosting vs. ANHosting chart will help you quickly see the differences between an ANHosting and IX Web Hosting server account. We have received generally positive user feedback on both AN Hosting and IX Web Hosting. In general, people find the IX Web Hosting service better value due to superior account features when compared to ANHosting. Thus, based on our review criteria and customer feedback, we rank the better hosting choice between vs. to be IX Web Hosting. When you review ANHosting and IX Web Hosting for yourself, we think you will notice that the IX Web Hosting Business Hosting Package delivers more web hosting plan services at competitive pricing.

    AN Hosting - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.
    ANHosting - No long term contracts - 1 Year Pricing of just $6.95 per month!

    Feature AN Hosting IX Web Hosting
    Price - One Year Term $6.95/month $4.95/month
    Unlimited Database Hosting Yes 100 MySQL Databases
    Web Space 500 GB Unlimited Web Space
    Traffic 5,000GB Unlimited Bandwidth
    Email Addresses Unlimited POP3 Accounts 5,000 Email Accounts
    Free Domain Name Yes Yes
    Windows & Linux Hosting Plans Yes Yes

    As you can see from an outline of the AN Hosting and IX Web Hosting accounts, you generally get more features for equal or less cost when you go with IX Web Hosting vs. ANHosting. In short, IX Web Hosting is better than ANHosting. Now, what are the key differences you need to know about with IX Web Hosting vs. ANHosting? First, an ANHosting and IX Web Hosting review must first be compared on a pricing basis. The cheapest plan with IX Web Hosting requires a two year term whereas ANHosting only requires a one year purchase. Both AN Hosting and IX Web Hosting can be bought quarterly (3 month terms) but at higher prices. In general when you compare ANHosting to IX Web Hosting, the AN Hosting plan costs less per month. However, ANHosting vs. IXWebHosting offers less features for that savings. So the $1-2 a month difference between IXWebHosting and ANHosting is a personal choice you will need to make. Both ANHosting and IXWebHosting come with 30-day money back guarantees - so if you are unhappy with either host you can cancel, treat the purchase as a trial, and then transfer your domain to a different hosting company. When you compare ANHosting vs. IX Web Hosting for MySQL databases, both offer enough for 99% of webmasters, but AN Hosting does offer unlimited MySQL databases (for things like blogs). In contrast, the AN Hosting vs. IX Web Hosting shows that IX Web Hosting provides 100 MySQL databases. The final important difference between AN Hosting and IX Web Hosting that we should inform you about is the value-add that comes with each account. Here, IX Web Hosting wins the prize since they offer tons of free marketing credits and two free domain names with their $6.95 hosting plan. In contrast, when you do your review on AN Hosting versus IX Web Hosting, you will see that ANHosting only provides customers with one free domain name. ANHosting also has a sister company that has better web hosting plans called midPhase. You can compare midPhase IXWebHosting and ANHosting by clicking here.

    As with any host vs. host comparison, individuals may have preferences so we encourage you to visit each web host to learn more. Visit ANHosting here, and IXWebHosting here.

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