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  • Cheap Audio File Hosting - Just $5.95/month!
    Cheap Audio File Hosting - Just $5.95/month!

    Audio Hosting and Audio File Hosting

    Comparing Paid Audio Hosting vs. Free Audio Hosting Plus a Review of Streaming Audio Hosting Services

    Audio Hosting Buyers - Click Here for Streaming Audio and Audio File Web Hosting Plans for only $5.95/month!

    Audio Hosting Hosting and Streaming Audio Hosting are two different types of Audio Web Hosting services even though they both involve hosted audio file services. Audio hosting generally refers to audio file hosting, in that the audio is prepared in advance for end-user consumpion. This type of audio publisher should be looking for the best audio web site hosting - our audio hosting reviews below will help. For those that want to use an audio streaming service to produce cheap real-time audio broadcasts, you will need to find an audio hosting company that offers streaming audio hosting. While many audio file hosting companies are also streaming audio hosting companies, it is important to remember the difference between the two.

    The next thing to consider in your Audio Hosting search is whether you want to use free audio hosting or commercial audio hosting. We recommend choosing a cheap audio hosting company over a free audio file hosting provider for several reasons. First, the cost of hosting for audio streams and audio file hosting dropped considerably in 2013 as audio hosting companies were able to purchase cheaper bandwidth and pass such savings onto audio hosting buyers. This has meant that audio web hosting is now only a few dollars a month. In the past, audio hosting - even cheap audio hosting - was much, much more. So for the price of a coffee you can buy high-quality top-ranked audio hosting from a qualified audio file hosting company - free audio hosting isn't saving much money. Second, there is the reliability of audio hosting and streaming audio hosting. Whether you use the best audio hosting plans for Real audio hosting, audio streaming services, or simply audio file hosting - a paid audio web host generally delivers you 99.9% uptime which is much better than a free host ever would. Plus, with a free audio hosting company your files are less secure, meaning they could be stolen and you lose control over valuable audio files. Third, streaming audio hosting and audio streaming services are often not available for free given their high-bandwidth needs. Free Audio File Hosting can also cause you to lose your files should the audio dedicated server storing your files crash. Unlike low cost commercial audio hosting providers, free audio hosting companies often do not do backups of audio files, in part because they aren't paid to do this. Is saving a few dollars a year worth losing your audio files? Probably not. All together audio hosting today is cheap, affordable and available for purchase worldwide. We think you will agree - that's why we have put together a list below of audio hosting providers that offer streaming audio web hosting and audio file hosting. Each of them lets you have a 30-day audio host money back guarantee, which means you can try out their audio hosting services and packages for your audio web site hosting without risk. If you don't think the value is there then you can get a refund on your paid audio hosting fees. This is the best way to do a comparison between free audio hosting and budget audio hosting plans.

    Cheap Audio Hosting and Streaming Audio Hosting only $5.95/month - Click Here!
    Cheap Audio Hosting and Streaming Audio Hosting only $5.95/month - Click Here!

    Each month we prepare a Top 3 Review List of the Best and Cheapest Audio Web Hosting and Streaming Audio Hosting Companies on the Internet. Please take a moment to review and compare the audio hosting list we have prepared. It will make how to find audio hosting and finding a streaming audio hosting provider much easier!

    HostMonster #1 Best Top Ranked Audio Hosting Provider
    Audio Hosting Streaming Service Rank: Audio Web Hosting Provider Name: Hosting for Audio Stream: Audio File Hosting Web Space: Streaming Audio Hosting Transfer: Cheap Audio Hosting Monthly Price:
    #1 HostMonster Yes Unlimited GB Unlimited GB $5.95/mo.
    Audio Hosting Comments: Audio Hosting purchasers can now relax. HostMonster is by far and away the best Audio Hosting provider anywhere for hosting audio streams and audio file hosting. Plus, they support Real Audio Hosting for businesses. They also won our award for the easiest audio hosting for beginners.
    Special Cheap Audio Hosting Offer
    StartLogic - #2 Top Audio Hosting Company vs. Free Audio Hosting Providers
    Audio Web Hosting Rank: Audio File Hosting Provider Name: Audio Web Site Hosting: Audio/Music File Hosting Disk Space: Audio File Hosting Bandwidth: Affordable Streaming Audio Web Hosting:
    #2 StartLogic Yes Unlimited GB Unlimited GB $5.95/mo.
    Streaming and Audio Hosting Service Comments:
    StartLogic brings streaming audio hosting and audio hosting in general to a new level. With plenty of diskspace and bandwidth for your hosted audio files, this budget audio hosting company beats out any free audio hosting options out there. No multi-year contracts required.
    Free Audio Hosting Guaranteed Money-Back Offer
    IX Web Hosting #3 Top Ranked Streaming and Real Audio Hosting Provider
    Audio Hosting Rank: Audio Hosting Business Name: Streaming Audio Web Hosting: Audio Web Site Hosting Space: Audio/Sound File Hosting Traffic: Discount Audio Hosting Monthly Cost:
    #3 IX Web Hosting Yes Unlimited GB Unlimited GB $3.95/mo.
    Audio Web Hosting Comments:
    Internet Audio Hosting used to be difficult until IX Web Hosting made audio file hosting easy by providing award winning server space with ultra cheap prices. With their reliable Business hosting plans, you can almost host an unlimited number of audio files plus get complimentary streaming audio hosting technology.
    Audio Web Hosting on Sale

    Audio Hosting today is cheap audio hosting, and with all the free stuff you get when you buy a budget Audio hosting plan, such as free website builders, free domain name, ability to upgrade to a dedicated server should you need one, we highly recommend at least a trial of one of the above audio web hosting companies. If your research on audio file hosting doesn't pan out as expected, you can always return here to our Audio hosting guide to find a new web hosting company from our directory.

    If you have tried any audio hosting service that is not recommended in our above audio streaming hosting and audio file hosting review, please provide us with feedback so that we can consider your free audio hosting or paid audio hosting provider for our audio hosting ratings to be released next month. BlueHost also offers audio hosting and budget hosting for audio files, so if you want to compare them in your search, click here.


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