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    How to Find a Cheap Linux Dedicated Server Under $100

    $89 Linux Dedicated Servers Dedicated Server Linux Intel-Celeron Hosting for $99 Intel Pentium4 3.2 GHz - 40GB 7200RPM IDE (2) - $89/mo. Dedicated Servers Linux $99

    Buy $99 Dedicated Servers
    $99 Dedicated Servers by LayeredTech. Linux Servers Under $100!

    $99 Dedicated Servers! Did you just say $99 dedicated servers? Yes, it's true, the web hosting industy has managed to bring down the cost of getting your own dedicated server hosting to under $100 a month. Our top-ranked Dedicated Server Linux $99 web host is LayeredTech. In addition, ThePlanet also has many "bargain bin" dedicated servers available on an odd-lot basis for less than $99 per month. We recommend you explore both of these dedicated server hosting plan providers. You should also read our $99 Linux Dedicated Server guide which follows below. It will help you understand the mechanics of purchasing a $99 dedicated server linux platform and how to go about ensuring that you have selected the right dedicated server Linux $99 provider for your needs.

    First, $99 dedicated servers are not high-end managed hosting. If you think they are, then you are in for a surprise. Without doubt they offer much more power than shared hosting, but you should not expect the power of a server that might cost an extra $100, say $199. There is a large step-up in power and capabilities between $99 dedicated linux servers and their $200 linux dedicated server counter-parts. Most people expect any Linux servers to run like lightening with unlimited load factors, but that isn't the case. $99 Linux Dedicated Servers are great for a segment of the developer and business community. However, if you choose to step into the $99 dedicated server space - Linux or otherwise, be cautioned that those servers are not meant for enterprise-volumes or hosting unlimited domains.

    One of the biggest factors which will dictate how your $99 dedicated server responds is the RAM capacity. RAM is important since many of the new control panels will use up a substantial amount of the base RAM during their normal day-to-day operations. One of the biggest mistakes that dedicated server linux $99 buyers make - particularly beginners who are making their first $99 dedicated hosting purchase - is to under-estimate the RAM a server needs. Renting a $99 dedicated server Linux OS from a $99 dedicated server web host is not the same as leasing a $99/mo. personal computer from say a company like Dell. Dedicated servers - $99 or otherwise - require more RAM than your home or office personal computer. If you are buying a dedicated server Linux for $99/month and not running a control panel, chances are you can get away with much lower specs (say 512MB of RAM). However, if you want to run high-volume or multi-domain services on a $99 Linux dedicated server, consider upgrading the RAM, or buy a LPDedicated server with at least 1GB of RAM.

    The next $99 dedicated server factor to consider is the upgrade migration plan. Chances are if you are successful, a single $99 server will not last forever. Many $99 dedicated server web hosts have "limited quantities" of servers on hand. LayeredTech has been better than most here as they have in-stock Linux servers with many servers being available on a same-day basis. But if your web host is running low on Linux hardware, or is often out of Linux servers completely, you will not be able to bring on additional $99 dedicated servers on an as-need basis, potentially stunting your online success.

    Dedicated Servers Linux $99 are generally limited to the Linux realm. Those seeking a $99 Windows Dedicated Server instead of a $99 Linux Dedicated Server are probably going to be out of luck. With the higher licensing costs associated with Windows (vs. Linux), few (if any as we haven't found one yet) offer $99 Windows Dedicated Servers. The Dedicated Servers running Linux for $99/month are possible in large part due to the cost efficiencies available through UNIX/Linux operating systems.

    $99 Dedicated Servers are great, but they do require some moderate level of technical abilities. A $99 Linux Dedicated Server isn't much more difficult to operate than a normal server deployed within your business, but an absolute amateur who is simply attracted by the price alone should use caution. $99 Dedicated Servers require some degree of technical skill in order to make the Linux Dedicated Server ($99 or any other price is irrelevant on this factor) run smoothly. Control panels may help with administering a $99 Dedicated Linux Server, but they do come at the expense of available RAM.

    By no means do we want to make it sound like $99 dedicated servers are a bad choice. They are not. $99 Dedicated Servers with Linux can be perfect for many hosting needs. However, $99 dedicated server buyers must understand that web hosts started to provide low cost entry-level Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers as entry-steps into more complex managed hosting. They do not accomplish the same thing as higher priced dedicated servers, which is why the price tiers between the various dedicated server offers exist. Our recommend $99 dedicated Linux server web host, LayeredTech has several $99 dedicated server products that we should bring to your attention.

    Celeron D 3.06
    1 X 80 GB SATA
    512 MB RAM
    500 GB Bandwidth
    AMD Athlon 64 3200+
    1 X 80 GB SATA
    1GB RAM
    1000 GB Bandwidth
    Intel Pentium 4 3.4
    1 X 80 GB SATA
    1GB RAM
    1000 GB Bandwidth

    You will find these $99 dedicated server hosting options on their website, by clicking on their products tab and then following the website into the dedicated server section. If you have questions or comments about $99 dedicated hosting, we would love to hear from $99 dedicated hosting buyers, email us at

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