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    Buying Cheap Windows 2003 VPS Web Hosting Guide

    A Windows VPS Web Hosting from Joanne H. in New York City: I am looking for a Windows 2003 VPS Web Hosting package to become a reseller and run my business. Where is the best Windows VPS Hosting that I can find?

    Our Free Windows VPS Hosting Response: Windows VPS Hosting is an excellent hosting product for both business-use and reseller purposes. You will spend slightly more for Windows VPS Web Hosting vs. Linux VPS Servers, but there are good reasons. As you know, Windows 2003 VPS Web Hosting offers you the ability to use a variety of software products that are not possible within Linux VPS packages. Windows 2003 VPS plans run best on Windows 2003 Enterprise. If you are looking for the Top Windows VPS Hosting company be sure to check the operating system they supply their low cost Windows VPS web hosting servers on - if it isn't the Enterprise version - your web host is cutting corners. Second, forget about free Windows VPS hosting. There is no such option. With the licensing costs associated with any Windows 2003 VPS solution, plus the large space and bandwidth allowances typical with virtual private servers, providing such services without cost - even while generating ad revenue - isn't a possibility. We have yet to find a single, reputable free Windows VPS hosting provider so if you are looking for one, your search will be long indeed. Particularly, if you want to resell or run a business-quality Windows 2003 VPS web hosting service, not having good technical support which is only available if you pay for it will frustrate your success efforts greatly. Third, cheap Windows VPS hosting should also be a focus in terms of obtaining the best possible and lowest price monthly fee. As with any virtual private server product, being able to lower your monthly, a moreover recurring costs, should be a priority.

    This Windows VPS web hosting review is designed to highlight the Top Windows VPS hosting service in our opinion. Some other Windows VPS web hosting reviews and recommendation guides may have other cheap Windows VPS web hosting plans, though we have not found any cheaper on the Internet. When considering how to get a cheap Windows 2003 VPS hosting package, you can ask your potential web host about contract period terms. Just like a cell-phone, the longer you are willing to sign-up for a Windows VPS web hosting package, the cheaper your monthly pricing will become. Some Windows 2003 VPS web hosts like EasyCGI also offer no contract Windows 2003 VPS web hosting. For example, EasyCGI's no contract VPS web hosting offer for a low cost Windows 2003 VPS server is just $54.95 per month, no set-up fee, no committment. If you are willing to sign-up for a year (plus you still get the full 30-day refund trial period) you can negotiate the budget Windows 2003 VPS web hosting plan price down to $43.96. Thus, you can see when searching for cheap Windows 2003 VPS web hosting, paying attention to the length of your service contract can add up to big savings. Along with finding cheap Windows VPS hosting, selecting a Windows VPS host that offers a trial period for you to demo and test-out any Windows 2003 VPS plan you might be considering is invaluable. Another way to get VPS Windows low cost services is just to buy a one-month account. Most providers offer a slightly more expensive VPS Windows package which lets you sign-up for only a single month. Getting VPS Windows low cost this route is very cheap since your total out-of-pocket is quite low. For example, while most VPS Windows hosts want an annual term, companies like StartLogic offer one month low cost pricing of just $54.95 - that would be your total expenditure.

    Top Windows VPS Hosting Service

    EasyCGI - #1 Top Ranked Best VPS Windows 2003 Hosting Company
    VPS Web Hosting with Windows 2003
    EasyCGI Affordable VPS Hosting
    Windows VPS Web Hosting Ranking: # 1
    Best Windows VPS Web Hosting Supplier: Best Windows VPS Web HostingEasy CGI
    Free 30-Day Refund with Windows VPS Hosting: Yes
    Best Windows VPS Web Hosting Space & Bandwidth 20GB / 500 GB
    Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Pricing: $43.96/mo. | Cheap, Affordable & Discount VPS Price Offer Leader

    There are also several additional factors to keep in mind when you are considering and evaluating your own list of Windows 2003 VPS web hosting companies for purchase. Aside from our general opinion, that free Windows VPS web hosting isn't viable, choosing the best Windows virtual private server hosting shouldn't be a contest amongst Windows VPS web hosts. Rather, you should ensure that your purchase decision is methodical and measured. Do not rush to a decision. Be sure that the Windows 2003 VPS account that you consider to the be the top one is indeed right for you. We think that EasyCGI offers the best Windows VPS web hosting not only because they have some of the cheapest pricing but also because they supply excellent software options on the VPS server, and offer lots of web space and bandwidth on the Windows 2003 Enterprise servers that host their premier Windows 2003 VPS web hosting services.

    Windows VPS Hosting buyers should also take a look at the control panel that comes pre-installed on any Windows VPS hosting provider to be considered. The most popular Windows VPS web host control panel is Plesk - which comes in a variety of domain-size licenses. Determining in advance how many domains you intend to offer or resell on a single Windows 2003 VPS account will be important. Though the best Windows VPS web hosts permit you to migrate up their product plan categories, having an idea as to the initial planned numbers is important to selecting the right account to begin with. For example, Easy CGI offers Plesk in 10 and 30 domain licenses at varying prices. Different Windows VPS Hosts will offer different domain quantities with their Windows VPS hosting plans. Be sure to distinguish unlimited website VPS hosting from unlimited domain name VPS web hosting - they are not the same. Furthermore, deciding upon the number of Windows-based domains you elect to use a Windows 2003 VPS web hosting server for is important to ascertain the correct amount of RAM. Dno short change yourself with RAM when buying any Windows VPS web hosting service. You will need RAM to keep your services running smoothly. The top Windows VPS web hosting companies usually scale up their free included RAM with each progressively higher and better plan - but double-check in your review process any Windows 2003 VPS host you might be considering to ensure that this is the case is best.

    Windows VPS Web Hosting customers who will be using a cheap Windows 2003 VPS web hosting package for their company or business should also add an additional consideration factor into their Windows VPS web hosting review. That factor: the level of VPS technical support available and the expertise of the VPS 2003 web host in question. Does the web hosting provider service many Windows VPS hosting customers? A good Windows VPS web hosting business will serve at least several thousands Windows-based hosting accounts. Finding the best Windows VPS web hosting is partly finding safety in numbers. Second, does this affordable Windows VPS web hosting company offer the top technical support around? As an advanced Windows web hosting client, your technical support (and frankly overall hosting needs) are greater than the average customer. Does the Windows VPS hosting provider in question supply 24/7 technical support? Testing this out, e.g. calling the toll-free 800/866/877 number provided once you are a premier VPS hosting customer at night during your free 30-day trial period when you can still get a full top refund for any Windows 2003 VPS web hosting plan purchasesd, is the best way to determine which Top Windows VPS web host will actually meet up to their promises. If you need something like MS SQL with your Windows VPS hosting, ask your web hosts about it - do not assume it will be included unless expressly listed on the product feature sheet. FYI, Easy CGI does include MSDE SQL Server with all their Windows VPS hosting packages, and full Root Access, which should enable you to use very well your MS SQL databases with their VPS hosting.

    In summary, finding the best Windows 2003 Virtual Private Server (VPS) Web Hosting is certainly possible. Though we think that EasyCGI is the Top Windows VPS hosting company around, some searchers may find other Windows 2003 VPS web hosts. With up to 2,000 GB of monthly transfer, Easy CGI is probably also the closest you will find to VPS 2003 unlimited bandwidth hosting. No problem, no matter which web host you end up deciding upon after your finished Windows VPS hosting review, be sure that you use some of the Windows 2003 VPS hosting tips and recommendations in this month's Windows 2003 VPS hosting guide to make your entire VPS purchase experience more pleasant. Good luck and thanks for your inquiry.

    Good luck and thanks for your Windows VPS hosting inquiry.

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