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  • VPS Web Hosting MS SQL Hosting's Guide to Finding MS SQL VPS Web Hosting

    So you need to find VPS Web Hosting with MS SQL capabilities? No problem. This guide to VPS web hosting for MS SQL databases will be useful to help you locate the recommended hosting account that you need. Along the way, we will attempt to accomplish that goal in the lowest cost, cheapest, and most reliable way. This MS SQL VPS Web Hosting article will address the two methods of buying cheap VPS web hosting MS SQL servers. The first approach is to purchase a VPS hosting plan that includes MS SQL access. The second means of buying VPS Web Hosting MS SQL plans is to purchase a virtual private server first, and then acquire a separate Microsoft SQL hosting account to use with that VPS. Both ways accomplish the same goal of obtaining cheap VPS web hosting MS SQL hosting. This article will help you save money and find the cheapest VPS Web Hosting MS SQL hosting.

    VPS Web Hosting MS SQL Approach One: Going this route will lead to the simplest way to acquire virtual private server hosting with Windows MS SQL database hosting capabilities. VPS Web Hosting with MS SQL tends to be more expensive. The primary reason is that it means the web host provider must offer the VPS hosting plan on a Windows server in order to provision the account with MSSQL hosting power. As such, the operating costs of the server tend to be slightly higher (e.g. licensing costs) and the VPS plan pricing will reflect this in the hosting offer. However, we were able to find an excellent VPS web hosting plan with MS SQL. EasyCGI offers users a discount VPS Web Hosting MS SQL hosting option for as low as $43.96/month. Running Windows 2003 Enterprise Servers, StartLogic offers a MSDE SQL Server and 20GB of diskspace along with 500GB of bandwidth. This VPS hosting route is a great way to accomplish low cost MS SQL hosting associated with VPS root access power. The EasyCGI VPS Web Hosting MS SQL plan runs the Microsoft Developer's Edition SQL Server which is the most powerful way to integrate SQL VPS Hosting together. On the side, they also offer unlimited MySQL VPS Web Hosting as part of this plan.

    VPS Web Hosting MS SQL Approach Two: MS SQL VPS Web Hosting bought this way, tends to be slightly less expensive and can add a measure of reliabilty since you divide the hosting process into two and thus diversify away from server outage risks. First, you go about buying a cheap VPS web hosting plan and then you take that VPS hosting account and link it up to a separate SQL hosting plan. In essence, you buy from two different web hosts and end up with the same product. However, you often will spend less money per month to buy VPS Web Hosting MS SQL plans this way. For instance, take StartLogic's VPS Hosting account - the VPS Logic. More powerful than the first approach, the StartLogic VPS Logic plan offers 20GB of disk space, 1TB of bandwidth and plenty of features. Once you buy this Linux-based VPS web hosting provider account, then you can use a Windows server plan to seperately host your MS SQL database. To accomplish this, we recommend buying IX Web Hosting's Windows Business plan, which will let you get SQL hosted support for only $8.95/month. Using a VPS server and combining it with a MS SQL server, will deliver powerful and the lowest cost path to VPS Web Hosting MS SQL. In our VPS Web Hosting MS SQL review, the second approach (using the best and top recommended hosts that we linked to) will deliver you VPS Web Hosting MS SQL for as low as $38.90/month ($29.95+$8.95) - which would be the most inexpensive way to buy VPS Web Hosting MS SQL.

    In conclusion, the Best MS SQL VPS Web Hosting is what you make of it. Whether you decide to purchase VPS Web Hosting with MS SQL using just a single hosting plan or multiple separate plans to meet each of your web development purposes - having thought about which approach to take ahead of time will lead you to the best MS SQL VPS web hosting for you.

    Recommended VPS Web Hosting MS SQL Links:

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    VPS Web Hosting MS SQL is reviewed each month so that we can provide the most up to date VPS Web Hosting MS SQL recommendations. In order to supply those rankings, we solicit the best comments from users about other top VPS MS SQL web hosting accounts. If you know of a good or bad VPS Web Hosting MS SQL plan, then please send us email to

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