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    Key Guide Points in a Virtual Private Server Recommendation

    VPS Hosting Recommendation

    Jenny's email on Virtual Private servers: What services should I be looking for with a VPS recommendation and which VPS hosting package do you recommend?

    Our answer:

    A VPS Recommendation should focus upon three key factors. First, a good Virtual Private Server Recommendation will be largely based upon price. Many VPS services are quite similar so you should do yourself the favor and pick the lowest cost VPS recommended service you can locate. Our top choice for VPS hosting is StartLogic since they have the cheapest VPS recommendation we can find - their VPS package is $29.95/month. In order for us to recommend any VPS hosting package, it had better be priced under $50 a month. At that price point, you could also consider a dedicated server since some low cost dedicated hosting options start at $49/month.

    When one recommends VPS plans to you, they should also be basing that recommendation upon the actual specs on the account itself. What is the bandwidth and disk space provided with their VPS hosting recommendation? Criteria here should be in Gigs and plenty of them. Do not look at any virtual private server hosting recommendation that doesn't include at least 1GB of web space and 100GB of transfer. That is the industry standard for VPS services and less than that should not be recommended to potential buyers. If you get recommended a VPS plan smaller than those package feature specs, do your own research and find another choice. As mentioned, our top recommendation for VPS web hosting is Startlogic. Their entry-level VPS hosting package includes 20 GB of server space and 1TB of traffic. More importantly, VPS hosting recommendations should ensure that the space and bandwidth is easily managed, and apportioned, using some form of software. There is no point in having someone recommend a solution to you, and then have to gain a PhD. to understand how to use that service. Plesk and Virtuozzo are the most common control panels associated with VPS hosting plans. Do not let someone recommend a VPS package to you that does not include either, or both, of these. Our virtual private server selection, StartLogic, offers both software packages at no extra charge.

    Third, when ones recommends VPS hosting, they should also provide you with a reputable provider that serves a large number of customers. This is actually quite important to any VPS purchase analysis for two ways. One, it affirms that the recommendation is legitimate. The more customers a particular VPS host has, the more likely it is to have decent customer support. Strength in numbers. For example, Startlogic has over 80,000 customers. A recommendation that is popular with other VDS buyers makes for a better recommendation. Using small, unknown hosting services is not a great deal because others haven't fully tested out their service offerings. Two, virtual private server hosting recommendations with more popular VPS hosts are likely to offer better account features. A large number of VDS/VPS customers enables a web host to purchase better hardware and cheaper bandwidth. When they are able to do so, they almost always pass those savings onto you the customer. So recommend to people a large web host and you will likely reduce their monthly fee and faciliate them having a large amount of disk space and bandwidth in their monthly plan. As far as location goes, we often receive questions on whether this matters. Not so much. If you want a VPS recommendation in Canada or the US, you are free to seek such as suggestion. But provided you have access to the Internet, choose the best VPS host regardless as to their location. With remote access a Canadian purchasing a VPS hosting solution in the USA can have equally good service as an American purchasing a VPS recommendation out of the UK. Recommendations should focus on the quality of the VPS hosting service and less so on where it is located. That said, most reputable VPS web hosting companies are located in the USA, so chances are most good VPS recommendations will be located there.

    Fourth, contract terms can be another important element about choosing a VPS hosting plan. We recommend that you go with the shortest possible contract term - often monthly. This means that you can move VPS web hosts in the event that you find another VPS hosting provider that better suits your hosting needs. The other new development surrounding VPS hosting is burstable and scalable hosting solutions offered using cloud computing. VPS.NET now offers node-based VPS hosting where you can add CPU, bandwidth, and storage space on an as needed basis. Plus, you can buy this type of VPS hosting on a month to month contract which makes VPS.NET a highly recommended VPS hosting company.

    Last but not least, a good VPS recommendation will admit that it is not perfect. Don't let anyone tell you that a VPS recommendation is 100% a sure thing. What one recommends for one person may not always be suitable for another. To avoid a bad VPS recommendation, look to see whether the recommended VPS hosting company has a 30-day money back guarantee. This way you can get a refund if the VPS hosting recommendation turns out to be not as good as you once believed.

      Find cheap, top-ranked VPS hosting recommendations, by using StartLogic. For a Linux VPS hosting recommendation, try the VPS offerings supplied by iPower.

    Thank you for your VPS/VDS recommendation inquiry. You can learn more about VPS hosting by visiting the VPS Web Hosting Showcase.

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