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    How to conduct a review of VPS providers

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    A question on VPS Providers from Jijin S. in Hong Kong: I'm searching for a VPS provider and trying to compare the best VPS providers. Can you point me to the top VPS providers and give me some VPS provider review tips?

    Our answer on VPS Providers: Good VPS providers should offer you three key things. First, the top VPS providers will offer large amounts of disk space and bandwidth. Since many virtual private server customers buy a high quality VPS hosting account for use with multiple domains and multiple websites, having enough capacity to manage your account is important. As a general rule, the best VPS providers will have varying levels of space and traffic depending upon whether you are looking for the best Windows VPS providers or the best Linux VPS providers; but start with at least 1GB of space and at least 100GB of monthly traffic. As an offset point here about the reviewing VPS providers; price-matters. Don't spend more than $60 a month - you can find great VPS providers for under that price threshold. One of the best VPS providers is StartLogic - they offer 20GB of space and 1000GB of monthly traffic for the rock bottom price of $29.95/month. When you compare VPS providers you also want to see what control panel each cheap VPS provider makes available. Most reliable VPS Providers will offer either Plesk or Virtuozzo with their VPS and VDS web hosting platform. Don't compare VPS providers than don't offer either one of these two control panels. Third, to find the top VPS providers you need to know why the company deserves a top VPS provider ranking. This often comes down to their reputation for quality and customer service. The easiest way to compare this intangible evaluation criterion is to review the number of customers that a particular VPS provider has. A great VPS provider will have thousands of customers. When it comes to purchasing from VPS providers, there is safety in numbers. So now, you know what to look for when conducting a VPS providers review, let's provide you with some input on who we think are the top VPS providers worldwide.

    Those looking for one of the better Linux VPS providers should review StartLogic carefully. We have found them to be a great VPS provider given their low pricing structure yet large VPS account features. With StartLogic's VPS web hosting plan, you'll get more features than at most other inexpensive VPS providers plus you get the benefit of buying that VPS/VDS package from the cheapest VPS provider. We haven't found any VPS providers that can beat the StartLogic pricing structure. If you want to know the average cost of Linux VPS provider prices, it is probably in the range of $60 a month; almost double what this low cost VPS provider charges.

    If on the other hand you are searching from Windows VPS providers, then EasyCGI should be at the top of your VPS provider review list. Ranked highly by multiple VPS provider directory services for prompt technical support, this affordable VPS provider offers monthly VPS hosting with no long term contracts. Their Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 VPS provider prices start at $54.95 per month and drop down to $43.96 with a contract period VPS package purchase. EasyCGI recently upgrade the disk space and bandwidth included in their plans.

      Find cheap business-class VPS hosting solutions by using StartLogic

    VPS Providers will often be hard to differentiate. But when you find a good VPS provider, you'll know. Following common tips like the ones we've suggested are a great start. However, depending upon whether you intend to use your VPS provider for reselling or personal uses will alter the evaluation criteria you use. That should not hurt your chances of finding great VPS providers. Keep in mind that if you are looking for VPS providers outside of America and Canada, e.g. Asia or Europe, you might still want to buy from North American VPS providers since their package features and pricing is likely to be more favorable. VPS providers can service clients anywhere in the world, so unless you have a specific need to buy from domestic VPS providers, think about VPS providers away from your current location. Cheap VPS providers like EasyCGI and StartLogic are well known for their discount pricing and cheap services and both VPS provider companies have attracted VPS/VDS customers from around the world.

    Thanks again for your question about VPS providers. We hope our free review on VPS providers has been of use to you and your search efforts. More information and a VPS provider list can be found in our VPS Web Hosting Showcase. If you wish to ask further questions, feel free to email us at This VPS Providers article is current for 2009

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