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    Find a Cheap VPS Linux Server

    Hoang in Singapore writes us: I'm trying to find a VPS Linux Server - do you happen to know of the Top VPS Linux Server provider?

    Our answer to this new VPS Linux Server question: Finding a Cheap VPS Linux Server can be difficult when compared to searching for a low cost shared hosting solution - the reason? VPS Linux Server packages are more difficult to provide from a technical standpoint vs. shared hosting and tend to have fewer web hosts equipped to offer the specialized product. In general, Linux VPS servers - which are simply VPS accounts delivered on Linux machines - are typically priced at between $40-60 a month.. However, as you likely know, VPS Linux Servers - especially good VPS Linux Server companies - deliver a large and powerful benefit to those developed wanting semi-dedicated hosting environments without the higher expense of choosing dedicated over VPS. Whether you intend to use a low cost VPS Linux Server for reseller purposes or simply want to partition your own user base, researching the Top VPS Linux Server has obviously become your goal. We searched our VPS Linux Server Directory and found what we believe to be the best VPS Linux Server on the market. One of the best and cheapest VPS Linux servers is offered by midPhase and we have reviewed its virtual private server hosting product specs for you on the below matrix. Our mission was to find you a large Linux Server for VPS hosting while still making it a cheap VPS Linux server solution - we believe that we have balanced these conflicting goals in recommending this Linux VPS server.

    Low Cost VPS Linux ServerTop VPS Linux Server ProviderVPS Linux Server Review

    iPower - #1 VPS Linux Server Company
    VPS Server running Linux
    VPS Linux Server
    VPS Linux Server Ranking: # 1
    Best VPS Linux Server Supplier: Best VPS Linux ServeriPower VPS
    Free 30-Day Refund with VPS Linux Server: Yes
    VPS Linux Server Space and Traffic 20 GB / 1,000 GB
    Cheapest VPS Linux Server Pricing: $49.95/mo.

    When searching for a Linux VPS Server, you should also look into whether the VPS Linux Server provider enables root level access on its virtual private server accounts. Depending upon your intended use, having this ability will be important. Since not all Linux Virtual Private Server vendors automatically enable this account feature - midPhase does - be sure to ask about it with the VPS web host you are considering. In addition, you will want to inquire as to how many domain names you can host on a given Linux VPS server hosting plan. Generally speaking, you should be able to purchase domain license blocks, using a product such as Plesk, to increase your VPS capacity and reseller capabilities. A reliable Linux VPS server should also be confirmed by reading the terms of use agreement and their uptime guarantee policy. A high quality Linux VPS server should never offer less than 99.9% uptime. Of course, you could make things easy and purchase Linux VPS Server hosting from midPhase as a solution to this. Just look under their Virtual Hosting, Linux tab.

    We appreciate your VPS Linux Server question. Should you have another related question on finding affordable VPS Linux servers, do not hesitate to email us your question at

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