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    Month to Month VPSVPS Hosting Prices on a Month to Month PlanMonthly VPS Web Hosting

    Ian in New York asks us: Can I buy monthly VPS hosting and if so what type of month-to-month VPS pricing plans are available from monthly VPS web hosts?

    Our VPS hosting purchase monthly response: Yes, you can buy VPS web hosting on a monthly basis. Finding a month to month VPS web host to purchase monthly VPS hosting from is more challenging since most VPS hosting providers want you to prepay annually up-front. However, there are a couple of monthly VPS hosting choices that are available to customers who want to pay monthly and have a strong reputation for reliable VPS services. Our first monthly VPS hosting recommendation is StartLogic. They are the best choice for webmasters, developers, and business owners who want to have Linux VPS hosting paid monthly. We also recommend Windows 2003 VPS Servers on a monthly basis from IX Web Hosting. Their Windows VPS hosting monthly plan is only $54.95 and still comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee, which means you could get a free month of VPS hosting to ensure your satisfaction. Keep in mind that if you are buying monthly VPS hosting you can often save money by purchasing an annual VPS hosting package or at least moving to a quarterly VPS hosting plan. There are exceptions to this, the most notable being a monthly VPS hosting pricing from VPS.NET who offers monthly VPS pricing of $20 because you can buy node-VPS hosting without annual contracts. Similar annual VPS hosting price discounts are available from StartLogic. As far as the StartLogic vs. iPower VPS hosting plans go, we tip in favor of StartLogic since they offer more software options for a lower monthly fee. However, both companies offer good monthly VPS hosting and monthly VPS web hosting prices, so the ultimate choice is personal.

    Top Monthly VPS Hosting Plans

      Monthly VPS Linux Hosting - VPS.NET
      Monthly VPS Hosting Disk Space Included: 20 GB
      Monthly VPS Hosting Traffic: 250 GB
      Monthly VPS Hosting Costs: $20/mo.

      Best Monthly VPS Hosting Winner iPower
      Monthly VPS Web Hosting Space: 20 GB
      Monthly VPS Web Hosting Traffic: 1,000GB
      Monthly VPS Hosting Price: $49.95/month

      Monthly VPS Linux Hosting - StartLogic
      Monthly VPS Hosting Web space Allowance: 20 GB
      Monthly VPS Hosting Bandwidth Allowance: 1,000GB
      Monthly VPS Hosting Pricing: $29.95/mo.

    Thank you for your inquiry into monthly VPS hosting accounts. We hope that this free guide has been useful to you in identifying and searching for web hosts with monthly VPS plans. If you have feedback about our monthly VPS hosting price review, be sure to email our VPS hosting specialists at When you buy a one month VPS hosting plan be sure that any one month VPS price includes unlimited technical support; you do not want any surprise costs associated with your four week VPS hosting trial.

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