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  • Linux Root VPS Hosting Review

    Our Recommendation Guide to Finding Linux Root Access VPS Web Hosting User Email: I want root access for a Linux VPS Web Hosting account? What Root Access VPS Hosting packages are available for me?

    Our Answer: Linux Root VPS Hosting buyers should pay attention when purchasing their vps hosting package to ensure that certain criteria are met. Moreover, when purchasing Root Access VPS Hosting on Linux Servers, it is important to use a review website like since it will assist you to find the lowest possible price (i.e. cheap is better) and save you plenty of time in having to search around for a company that matches your needs.

    StartLogic - Top & Best Inexpensive Cheap Root Access Linux VPS Web Hosting Offer
    Find Cheap StartLogic Root Access Linux VPS Hosting
    Find the Linux Root VPS Hosting Rank: #1 - Root Web Host
    Buy Linux VPS Web Hosting Root Provider Name: StartLogic
    Cheap Linux Root VPS Hosting Cost: $29.95/month
    Linux VPS Hosting Root Space / Transfer: 20GB / 1T (1000GB)
    Top Linux Root Access VPS Web Hosting Software Platforms: RedHat Fedora Core 4 / Virtuozzo Power Panel (VZPP) / Plesk 8.0

    Root-access VPS Hosting enables you to control a shared server as though you were the sole administrator. For example, root access hosting (or in this case, root access VPS hosting) permits file and directory ownership control and changes. Plus, "cron jobs" - which enable server self-management functions, can be adjusted and controlled. StartLogic VPS Hosting software source code enables you as the VPS server administrator to add modules or patches that you could not otherwise do in shared hosting.

    Linux Root VPS Hosting Tip #1 - What type of software does the vendor offer? There are numerous linux root-access VPS software solutions - some of which are cheap and inexpensive, others which are not. Linux Root VPS is achieved when the web hosting provider enables root-access VPS hosting on Linux servers as StartLogic enables. Once you find a VPS root-enabling provider, look at the control panels associated with their plans and accounts to make sure you are happy. While these are becoming increasingly standardized, some linux vps hosting root-access buyers still have preferences.

    Linux VPS Hosting Root Access Tip #2 - VPS Hosting Linux O/S. What type of Linux system does the web host run. Our favorite is RedHat Fedora Core 4 as it tends to equip Linux-based VPS hosting buyers who need root-access with the most stable system. If you plan on hosting clients within your Linux-server VPS account, it is extra important to remember uptime guarantees (which are often impacted by O/S choice) since downtime will mean unhappy hosted domains. Root VPS Hosting is only as useful as it is online.

    Linux Root Access VPS Web Hosting Tip #3 - Our Linux Root Access VPS Web Hosting Review uncovered a dirty little secret - resellers of VPS root-access hosting systems. When you are looking to buy root access hosting you are technically-savvy (otherwise you probably wouldn't be in the market for Root VPS Hosting to begin with) and don't want an unnecessary middle-man between you and your server. Resellers of Linux Root VPS Web Hosting simply market-up product costs and make what would otherwise be affordable, less so. Companies such as StartLogic are the end web host, not a reseller, and you can get no closer to real, company-owned data center access than purchasing one of their linux root vps hosting packages. Check them out. Once at their website, just click on their products tab, and then the Virtual Server tab on the left-hand menu.

    Root Web Hosting Tip #4 - Root Access for Free - The only way you will be able to get Root Access for free (i.e. no extra fees within your hosting account) is to buy from a Root Web Host to begin with. If you need root access, look for an express mention in the product features page that you get actual root web hosting. Most Root web hosts are quite proud to announce this, since it is unusual to find Root Web Hosts (but they do exist with VPS hosting plans). Root web hosting delivers plenty of power you will be sure to enjoy.

    Domain Hosting Root Access Tip #5 - Domain Hosting Root Access buyers should include two criteria on their search. First, find a reputable VPS web host and second locate a domain name registrar that can provider domain names at low prices. We recommend that those seeking domain hosting with root access consider VPS.NET. First, they can provide domain names for $9.95. Second, they offer some very low cost Linux VPS hosting services with root access. Their technical support is also strong so that any root-access technical troubles can be quickly responded to by this web host. Moreover, their Linux VPS uptime is second to none. Visit VPS.NET's VPS product offerings by clicking here. Special pricing is available to readers of this guide.

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