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    Find Cheap Video Web Host Companies

    Anne in Michigan writes: I'm looking for a video web host - can you help me find the best video web host to host videos online. Is there a video web host directory?

    Our Video Web Host Response: This article will act as a Video Web Host Directory directory for you to help you find the top video web host. A video web host provides low cost servers where you can store your video files. When looking for the best video web host it is important to look carefully at what the video web host package has in it. You must compare video web hosts - but since there are many video web hosts around, it is tough without a helping hand. This video web host review has searched our directory of 8,500 web hosts to find the best video web hosts who offer the most video web host features for the cheapest price. Now, when selecting your video web host there are several things to consider. First, is it a cheap video web host? Let's face it - video web hosts probably don't make much money off a customer since you can find a good video web host for under $4 a month. But being able to locate a cheap video web host is to your advantage. We recommend you spend no more than $10 a month for a video web host. Our top three video web hosts are all under $6 a month in price. The best video web host will also offer lots of web space (where you store your video files) and bandwidth (the traffic estimate for your website). The biggest video web host plans on the market are presently unlimited web space and unlimited transfer - we have found three top video web host companies that offer this massive video web host account. You will find our Top Video Web Host recommendations below.

    Best Video Web Host #1 - HostMonster
    Video Web Host Disk Space: Unlimited GB
    Video Web Host Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    Video Web Host Cost: $5.95/month
    HostMonster is the premier video web host with lots of video web host space and traffic. Their top ranked video web host package is an affordable and discount way to start publishing your video files online.

    Top Video Web Host Recommendation #2 - IX Web Hosting - Cheap Video Web Host + Most Popular Video Web Host
    Video Web Host Space: Unlimited GB
    Video Web Host Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    Best Video Web Host Prices: $3.95/month
    Video Web Host Directory Approval: Yes - 5 Starts out of 5
    Video Web Host Review Comments: Easily the Top Video Web Host - With massive amounts of video storage space and almost unlimited bandwidth, this video web host earns our top video web host award.

    Cheap Video Web Host #3 - BlueHost: Cheap Video Web Host
    Top Ranked Video Web Host Space: Unlimited GB
    Low Cost Video Web Host Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    Top Video Web Host Pricing: $4.95/month
    Cheap Video Web Host Comments: A reliable video web host service, BlueHost is an inexpensive choice with plenty of features. Best of all their video web host with Free domain offer is a great way for beginner online video designers to get a video website started quickly - they also offer top-rated free web design software

    Lastly, compare video web hosts in terms of various other features when you conduct your video web host review. Many video web hosts - particularly the best video hosts - offer much more in your video web host account - such as free website builders and online control panels. Comparing these items can help you find the top video web host for your needs. If you only need video web host for storing video files then just choose the cheapest video web host.

    Thank you for asking us about video web host providers. If you have another question or would like to ask one about a topic outside of video web host companies, just email us at with your user question.

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