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    How to Find Cheap Web Hosting in NYC

    Jimmy in Manhattan writes us: I need low cost NYC web hosting. Can you recommend a web hosting provider that can supply web hosting in NYC for my small business?

    Finding web hosting NYC to host your New York City based SME is not a problem. Like many things in N.Y.C., local web hosting can be expensive. In fact, you can expect to pay about 50-100% more per month for the same type of web hosting to buy web hosting in NYC than if you bought a web hosting package from a hosting company based outside of New York City but selling into the NYC marketplace. Many web hosting NYC providers are based in lower cost states, such as Florida, Arizona, and Utah, but can provide perfectly good web hosting with no meaningful differences to NYC businesses. The only real difference NYC web hosting will carry is a higher price tag. For example, you can get a monthly web hosting package, no prepay necessary from BlueHost for $4.95 per month to host your NYC website with, compared to Thus if you need cheap web hosting in NYC try some of our NYC web hosting review candidates that we've outlined below.

    Now there will no doubt be some businesses that require 212 web hosting, but web hosting in the 212 area code really should be for companies that need local Internet data center colocation needs or those that are willing to spend more to receive local technical support; in general managed web hosting NYC needs are more suited to New York City hosting vs. standard shared hosting which can be bought for less money elsewhere. If you want New York City web hosting, we recommend both Verizon and AT&T. If you need an IDC NYC you might want to consider leasing Internet Data Space in NYC through DataPipe, which operates an IDC in Newark or Logicworks.NET which has an IDC located within NYC web hosting boundaries on Beach Street. Logicworks Reviews can be found by visiting their testimonial page. We also recommend you explore some of our dedicated server providers that we list in the Dedicated Server Showcase since they might have cheaper yet equally reliable dedicated server solutions for NYC web hosting needs.

    NYC web hosting doesn't need to be hard, but finding the best web hosting NYC choice is the key. Keep the above cost considerations around web hosting NYC in mind and you will go a long way. The other important NYC web hosting recommendations we can provide is two fold. Be sure that you are getting plenty of web space and lots of bandwidth in any web hosting package a NYC web hosting provider offers. Too often people choose a web hosting NYC provider but end-up being short-changed on the disk space and traffic because their choice is just a reseller and not an actual web host. Top NYC web hosting should provide at least 5,000 GB of web space and 10,000 GB of traffic with each shared website hosting plan.

    Top NYC Web Hosting Recommendations

    Best NYC Web Hosting Company & Most Popular NYC Web Host - BlueHost
    NYC Website Hosting Web Space: Unlimited GB
    NYC Web Site Web Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    Cheap Web Hosting for NYC websites monthy cost: $4.95/month - On Sale
    Web Hosting Directory Comments: BlueHost ranks among the best web hosts for our NYC SME customers. With great web hosting at low prices, their web hosting packages deliver powerful web servers to NYC residents. 100% of their technical support is based in the US.

    The Best NYC Web Hosting Provider for only $3.95/mo.!
    Reliable NYC Web Hosting Company IX Web Hosting. This company offers both Windows web hosting for NYC and also Linux web hosting for N.Y.C. customers.

    The 2nd Best NYC Web Hosting Company - HostMonster
    The Biggest NYC Hosting for Large Web Space Needs: Unlimited GB
    Unlimited NYC Hosting Bandwidth Allowance: Unlimited GB
    Monthly NYC Hosting Prices: $5.95/month - On Sale
    NYC Hosting Review: Earning a top New York City web hosting ranking, HostMonster scores very well and is noted for excellent customer service by our users. Priced at a cheap monthly rate, this out of town web host will deliver faster and more cost-efficient website hosting for any New York City business or individual who needs hosting. Check out their free 30-day money back guarantee.

    TOP NYC Web Hosting Package Recommendation #3 - HostGator - One of the fastest growing Web Hosting Companies worldwide.
    N.Y.C. Web Hosting Disk Space: Unlimited GB
    Bandwidth Allowance for NYC Small Business Web Hosting: Unlimited GB
    Cheap NYC Web Hosting Pricing: $4.95/month
    Our Comments on this NYC hosting provider: New York City hosting buyers rejoice. This affordable web hosting company, who has been delivering NYC website hosting for a decade, is one of the few web hosts to offer NYC businesses month-to-month hosting with a competitive NYC hosting plan.

    Thank you for asking us about web hosting in New York City. If you have a question about any NY hosting-related topic, email us at and we will consider answering your question online.

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