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      Profile: Conxion Corporation  

    Conxion Corporation offers a SureMove to Managed Web Hosting

    Companies looking for an alternative to their colocation hosting provider don't have to find another colo provider. And they don't have to bring the apps in-house either.

    Conxion Corporation has launched a new service designed to help companies move from their current colocation service provider to Conxion's fully managed hosting service.

    Conxion's senior director of product marketing, Phil Simmonds says SureMove eliminates a major barrier facing many companies by allowing them to turn over their existing servers to a Conxion managed hosting facility.

    "One major roadblock has been, "but I have all this equipment that I have already on my books… and it's depreciating." Conxion can now leverage that negative to a positive, preserve that investment, and provide the proven total cost-of-ownership savings that managed hosting has over co-location or in-house solutions." Simmonds says the plus has turned many heads and turned many "on-the-fence" prospects to "very interested" prospects.

    Andrew Schroepfer, President of Tier 1 Research, notes that there is a significant shift towards managed hosting services.   



    "Customers are now more fearful than ever to merely outsource for colocation since the colocation business models are all appearing to be in trouble," he says. "Even though all are not in trouble, customers are making outsourcing decisions based on value added services to either augment or enhance their internal IT staff."

    Thus far, no one has provided a way for customers to preserve their investment in their current hardware. And there hasn't been a structured transition plan for moving that hardware. SureMove is the type of offering that Conxion has been considering for some time. In fact, the company has even provided a similar service to high-end customers in the past.

    "What we are doing is learning from our experiences, creating scalable, repeatable processes and offering the fruits of that labor to our customers," explains Simmonds.

    SureMove allows customers to move their Compaq, IBM or Sun servers to a Conxion data center, where they receive the same level of service as any other fully managed hosting customer. Conxion checks all the hardware, and if necessary, it is upgraded before deployment.

    Tier 1's Schroepfer says customers shouldn't worry about giving up control by migrating to Conxion's fully managed hosting service.

    "The risk in selecting a managed hosting provider that does not offer the client a window (web portal) view into their infrastructure performance exists, but most providers are adding this capability, meaning that the client gains MORE control and visibility than without the use of managed services," he states. "Conxion, as an example, has a partnership with Totality, which provides this benefit for customers."

    Conxion SureMove starts at $500. per month, per server. The company estimates customers who make the move can expect to see a reduction of up to 55% of their total hosting costs.



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