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    How to Find a Cheap Email Hosting using our Top Ranked Email Hosting Directory

    Angela from Los Angeles writes in: Can you create for me an email hosting directory? I'm looking for large email account hosting and would like some form of a dedicated list or email hosting directory guide to assist me compare big email account providers.

    An email hosting directory answer: This is a great idea to generate an email hosting directory. While we have a main search engine, we hadn't created an email hosting directory until you asked. Finding inexpensive email hosting through an email hosting directory is quite useful. With inexpensive email hosting found, you can focus the time you save while using an affordable email hosting directory building your website or marketing your business. What we found while conducting the comparisons of various email providers for our email hosting directory is that our directory ended up being a cheap email hosting directory. We found low cost email web hosts that were still able to provide lots of email address (which is what you wanted) without charging very much. So welcome to our cheap email hosting directory. Our POP3 email hosting directory rankings are largely separated on the basis of price. As you use our great email hosting directory review, you will notice that we have researched the pricing of each email hosting plan and the number of POP3 or email addresses that are included in the particular email hosing service provider's cheapest web hosting plan. The purpose of this is to show you our top email hosting directory findings and enable you to compare our top email web hosts quickly. Each inexpensive email hosting and email directory approved service represents superb email value relative to the monthly expense (or should we say inexpensive).

    Email Hosting Directory

    Top Cheap Email Hosting Directory Recommendation #1 - HostMonster
    Email Hosting Space: Unlimited GB
    Email Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    Cheap Email Hosting Cost: $5.95/month | Inexpensive email hosting
    Email Hosting Directory Key Finding: Number of Email Accounts with Cheapest Plan: Unlimited POP3 Accounts

    Top Email Hosting Directory Winner - 2,500 Email Accounts - Starting at $3.95
    Top Email Hosting Directory Winner - 2,500 Email Accounts - Starting at $3.95

    2nd Best Email Hosting Directory Recommendation - IX Web Hosting - Top Ranked Email Hosting Directory Winner
    Email Hosting Space: Unlimited
    Email Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited
    Cheap Email Hosting Prices: $3.95/month
    Email Hosting Directory Key Finding: Number of Email Accounts with Cheapest Plan: 2,500

    Top Email Hosting Directory Recommendation #3 - BlueHost - Cheap Video Host
    Email Hosting Space: Unlimited Disk Space
    Email Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited Traffic
    Affordable Email Hosting Pricing: $4.95/month
    Email Hosting Directory Key Finding: Number of Email Accounts with Cheapest Plan: Unlimited POP3 | A good suggestion for inexpensive email hosting given price-point and no-limit mail accounts. A good email host for transfering your email hosting to since they have a special one-year $3.95 per month transfer email hosting plan; just click and then go to leave (a pop-up bonus chat will then offer you $3.95 pricing).

    You will also need to consider whether you want to run your email server under Linux or Windows hosting platforms. A good email hosting directory will share with you the little industry secret that Linux servers - being cheaper to run, will offer many more email accounts than a Windows 2003 server. All the above email hosts - except HostExcellence, run on Linux and hence the larger quantities of email addresses. Cheap Linux email addresses served on a cheap Linux mail server are the way to go. Linux servers also often have lower total costs of ownership. This means that your email account administrator will spend less time setting up inexpensive email hosting accounts for your company and more time leveraging IT infrastructure in your favor. In addition, be sure that an email hosting directory only recommends email providers that offer online control panels. All of the above email vendors supply web-based control panels. This is important since you will thus be able to adminster (e.g. set-up, change, remove) email addresses on your own in real-time.

    Thank you for asking us about finding the best email hosting directory providers. Whether you are a large company or a small business, using a quick guide to email hosting (such as our email hosting directory) will help you save money, find special pricing offers, and achieve the lowest cost and most inexpensive email hosting you can get. However, in case your email hosting directory and review question was not answered good enough (or you think badly of our recommendations), we welcome another email hosting question (or should you like us to generate a different mailer hosting directory for you to use), just email us at with your question.

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