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  • How to Find Cheap eMail Web Hosting Services

    Cheap Email Hosting Needs and How to Formulate a Cheap eMail Hosting Review

    Devon in Oklahoma writes in: My small business needs cheap eMail hosting. How do I review cheap email hosting providers that offer unlimited POP3 accounts and what factors make for a good cheap email hosting company?

    Our cheap email web hosting response: Thanks for your question about finding cheap email hosting providers. Of course, we assume that you are looking for a professional hosting company and not a free web-based email account available through the major search engines. There are a few really good and very cheap email hosting companies that deserve your attention (we've listed a ranking of our best cheap email hosting options below). However, before you starting visiting these email web hosts to compare their cheap email hosting plans let's talk a little bit about what you should be looking for in a cheap email hosting service for small business. First, an important benefit of selecting a low cost email host is that you get domain email hosting e.g. This adds professionalism and will help grow your business. It is now common to get a free domain name (i.e. the host pays for it) even if you only spend under $5 a month; so you should always be looking to ensure a free domain comes with any plan you select - this will make your cheap email web host even cheaper. Second, you want to look at how many other customers the web host has. A cheap email hosting company usually doesn't stay in business unless they have scale. With a large customer count, the web host can spread their operating costs as a business over a larger number of customers thereby lowering the price they charge per month for a cheap email hosting plan. The cheapest email hosting packages tend to be with some of the largest web hosts. One this to examine when you consider your cheap email with domain hosting company is the contract length. Many cheap email hosting accounts are billed on annual or bi-annual hosting plans. The less billing a cheap email web host has to do, the more savings they can pass along. If you want to pay just month to month, a couple of cheap email hosts are EasyCGI and HostGator. We recommend cheap email hosting with a contract-term since you will get the lowest price. Just be sure that your cheap email web hosting comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This way you can test out the cheap hosting provider and make sure you like what you're buying before you commit. The third most important aspect of any cheap email hosting review is of course an evaluation of the product features. In general, the very best cheap email hosting companies now offer unlimited POP3, forwarding aliases, and other benefits to you as the customer. There are still a few cheap email hosting services that restrict the number of email accounts you get to say a few hundred or thousand but even that for most small businesses or personal websites will exceed your needs. The other common element with the large email hosting services is that most now include unlimited web space and also unlimited bandwidth. These are important features to look for because the files you send through your email accounts hosted at a hosting company will count towards your bandwidth usage. If you have a low bandwidth limit, your account could be exceed not by your website traffic but rather by your email usage. In addition, the really cheap email hosting plans all should come with web-based email; i.e. you can use an online login to access your email with a web browser from anywhere. Companies like HostMonster, BlueHost, and StartLogic all offer web-based email with their inclusive hosting plan.

    Best Cheap Email Hosting Companies

    Top Cheap Email Hosting Recommendation #1 - HostMonster
    Web Space with their Cheap eMail Hosting Plan: Unlimited GB
    Bandwidth with their Cheap eMail Hosting Plan: Unlimited GB
    Cheap Email Hosting Price: $5.95/month | Really Cheap Email Hosting Costs
    IMAP/POP3 Email Findings: Number of Email Accounts with Cheapest Plan: Unlimited POP3 Accounts

    cheap unlimited email hosting service
    Get Cheap Unlimited Email Web Hosting with IX Web Hosting

    2nd Good Cheap Email Hosting Recommendation - IX Web Hosting - Top Ranked Email Hosting Directory Winner
    Web Space with their Cheap eMail Hosting Package: Unlimited
    Traffic with their Cheap eMail Hosting Package: Unlimited
    Cheap Email Hosting Prices: $3.95/month
    Number of Email Accounts with Cheapest Plan: 2,500

    Top Cheap Email Hosting Recommendation #3 - StartLogic - Cheap Email Host Reviewed
    Web Space with their Cheap eMail Hosting Account: Unlimited GB
    Bandwidth with their Cheap eMail Hosting Account: Unlimited GB/A>
    Affordable Email Hosting Pricing:
    Number of Email Accounts with Cheapest eMail Website plan: Unlimited | A good suggestion for inexpensive email hosting given price-point and no-limit mail accounts. A good cheap email website host for transfering your email hosting to since they have reliable web server and offer good upgrade options should you ever require a virtual private server or a dedicated hosting platform.

    During your cheap email hosting comparison you will also need to decide whether you want your website and email accounts to run a Linux or Windows web server. In general, most of the unlimited email hosting plans will be delivered on a Linux server since the licensing costs are lower and therefore the web hosting service can charge less. However, companies like IX Web Hosting do have low cost Windows hosting plans that come with no-limit POP3 and IMAP addresses (plus unlimited traffic and space). You should also be considering where you want to host your email accounts. As example, do you want to deal with a cheap US email hosting company or a cheap email hosting in Canada provider. Different cheap email hosting services may charge for their accounts in local currencies if that matters to you. In addition, how do you want to pay for your hosting plan. In general, most really cheap email hosting options require a credit card, however a few cheap email hosting packages can be bought from hosts like HostMonster and BlueHost using PayPal to make the payment. A cheap email host should always provide their contact information. Watch out for email web hosts that don't posted their corporate mailing address; these may make for bad cheap email hosts if they are fly-by-night operations. A reliable cheap email web host will also usually tell you how long they have been in business so you can judge their quality of service.

    Thank you for asking us about finding the best cheap email hosting. Whether you are an individual or a small business finding the very best cheap email web hosting providers at the lowest possible price is an important part of your online presence. With low cost We welcome another cheap email web hosting question (or should you like more help on your personal cheap email hosting review), just email us at with your question.

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