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    Cheap EasyCGI Windows 2003 Web HostingEasyCGI Windows Hosting ReviewEasyCGI Windows Hosting Review

    A question from Jessica S. on EasyCGI Windows Web Hosting: What kind of review does give EasyCGI Windows web hosting and what can you tell me about their cheap Windows 2003 server hosted packages?

    EasyCGI Windows hosting grabs top Windows 2003 hosting award winner!
    EasyCGI Windows Ranking
    EasyCGI Windows
    EasyCGI Windows Ranking: 4.5 Stars out of Five
    Find EasyCGI Windows 2003 Hosting at: EasyCGI Windows 2003 Web Hosting EasyCGI
    Does EasyCGI's Windows Web Hosting include a Free Domain? Yes | 1 Free Domain with Each Hosting Account
    EasyCGI Windows Hosting Space & Bandwidth: 350 GB / 3.5 TB
    Cheap EasyCGI Windows Web Hosting Offer Price: $7.96/mo. | Best Business Value

    Our EasyCGI Windows answer: EasyCGI is a good Windows web hosting company. The EasyCGI Windows hosting options start at $7.96 per month, which is one of the cheapest prices available for Windows 2003 hosting. Hopefully the above table will help you gather the basic information that we found in our review on the cheap EasyCGI Windows hosting options. In addition to the above, we are including some qualitative review comments to assist in your evaluation of EasyCGI as a potential service provider.

    As you know Windows hosting brings some unique product-abilities that do not exist with Linux-based options. Hence, you may find lower cost Linux plans when compared against EasyCGI's Windows web hosting BUT we haven't found a cheaper Windows 2003 web hosting plan than what EasyCGI offers. That is probably their biggest selling feature. Plus the fact that the host Windows 2003 with a high degree of technical knowledge meaning strong reliability. Actually, that alone is probably the most important reason for Easy CGI Windows Web Hosting recommendation and approval. The EasyCGI Windows plans also bring other reasons for us here at to rank them highly. Let us explain:

    EasyCGI Windows Hosting Reason #1 - Our first recommendation is, like we said, the fact that EasyCGI offers cheap Windows 2003 web site hosting that price-wise can't be beat. While price isn't everything - especially to business people considering EasyCGI's Windows 2003 web hosting platform - it is still important since a recurring monthly charge will add up over the years.

    EasyCGI Windows Web Site Hosting Review Ranking Reason #2 - Our second reason for ranking EasyCGI Windows hosting well is the feature set that they offer. Last year, EasyCGI increased both the Windows 2003 server web space and bandwidth that they offered in their cheap Windows package on multiple occassions. When we first reviewed EasyCGI as early back as Jan. 2006, EasyCGI was not overly competitive on being good with the feature set. BUT, that's changed! EasyCGI Windows hosting has the largest web space and the most bandwidth for any Windows 2003 hosting plan that we've seen on the market at their price point.

    Windows 2003 hosting by EasyCGI Ranking Reason #3 - The third evaluation positive (with caveat) that we took away from EasyCGI is the upgradability. While our EasyCGI Windows review focused on the shared entry-level hosting they offer, EasyCGI brings complete scaleability to a web hosting buyer. But one negative, while they supply complex managed VPS hosting for more upscale hosting offer purchasers, they do not at this point sell dedicated server hosting. In other words, EasyCGI is a shared Windows 2003 web host and a Windows 2003 VPS web host. Depending upon whether you need dedicated Windows 2003 servers (you would likely be spending at least $150/month for such hosting no matter who you bought it from) EasyCGI reviews well. For 98% of all hosting buyers, EasyCGI is fully capable of hosting you from entry level through to high-traffic cheap Windows 2003 VPS hosting. It is highly unlikely that should you purchase an EasyCGI Windows offer you will ever run out of either space or traffic - both are massive. Whether they will or will not offer dedicated servers (though do provide colocation) in the future is something you would need to raise with them if needed.

    EasyCGI Account Login is the 4th Ranking Criteria Plus - The online control panel offered with EasyCGI's cheap Windows web hosting package is great. It provides you the ability to manage all kinds of elements in your account. Administration abilities with the EasyCGI Windows control panel hosting feature include setting up Email Accounts, Email Forwards, FTP Accounts, ODBC DSNĀ“s, MySQL Databases, and MSSQL Databases. In addition, EasyCGI Web Based Email receives strong reviews from fellow users. It's tough to find EasyCGI Web mail equivalents, especially since few low cost web hosts offer Windows-hosting plans. For those wanting to purchase Windows 2003 web mail with a Windows 2003 web server, EasyCGI is worth a visit to conduct further Windows 2003 hosting reviews upon.

    EasyCGI FrontPage 2005 Support - Our final reason to recommend EasyCGI. We literally look at thousands of web hosts in a given year most of whom offer FrontPage 2003 support, few who support FrontPage 2005. Not only does EasyCGI fully support FrontPage 2005 web hosting, but they do it well. Some people, maybe yourself included, are looking at EasyCGI's Windows web hosting package as a cheap way to host FrontPage websites. If this is yourself and you are using Microsoft's latest FrontPage 2005 version, then EasyCGI is an accomplished and low cost web host to choose. Keep in mind that you can host certain FrontPage web sites on Linux (which may cost less) but full FrontPage web hosting is best achieves on Windows 2003 servers.

    We hope that our EasyCGI Windows review has been help to your question. If there are elements not addressed pls. let us know ( and we will expand this Windows hosting review guide to be more inclusive.

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