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  • Easy CGI VPS Web Hosting Review

    Easy CGI VPS - A Comparison Guide

    Thinking about buying Easy CGI Windows 2003 VPS web hosting? This VPS hosting article comparing and reviewing EasyCGI's VPS hosting plans is designed to discuss the various evluation points you should consider when you are do your own review or comparison of the Easy CGI VPS services. Upon finishing our recommendation tips, we think you will be in a much better position to consider whether EasyCGI VPS represents your top option.

    Easy CGI VPS Hosting Contract Terms: EasyCGI VPS has several different purchase terms available. The lowest Easy CGI VPS price is when you sign-up for an annual term; then you will be able to buy EasyCGI's VPS service for as low as $43.96. But, some VPS hosting purchasers may simply want to review the VPS account for a short-period of time. If that's your perspective, you should consider the benefit that Easy CGI offers VPS web hosting on a month-to-month term; with a monthly price starting at $54.95. We highly encourage virtual private server buyers to purchase the Easy CGI VPS web hosting on a month-to-month basis. This will deliver you a better sense of confidence before you commit to spending $43.96 x 12 (or $527.52). Buying EasyCGI VPS hosting on the annual plan will reduce its price by 20%, which is a good deal - but make sure you are happy with a short-term trial first.

    Easy CGI Windows 2003 VPS O/S- EasyCGI VPS is Windows 2003-based. For developers wanting ASP.NET 2.0 or other Windows technologies, this makes it a great platform. In fact, we think that EasyCGI has the top Windows 2003 virtual private server anywhere. But you will need to consider whether or not you want to buy Windows VPS hosting - even if it is from a Top 10 Windows VPS Hosting supplier like Easy CGI. In order to get a Windows VPS service from Easy CGI you will end up spending more than buying a Linux-based VPS account elsewhere. For example, you can get Linux VPS hosting from StartLogic for as low as $29.95/month. Carefully consider whether you need to pay up for Windows VPS hosting.

    EasyCGI Linux & Windows VPS

    Easy CGI VPS Plesk Control Panel - EasyCGI VPS control panel is supplied by Plesk. Plesk is an excellent and easy-to-use VPS control panel and is well recommended by us. It is all GUI-based and lets you add and manage domains with ease. Easy CGI offers 3 different VPS packages - each with a different Plesk license attached to them. In order to decide which Plesk-based plan is right for your needs, evaluate the number of domains you expect to use. This should guide your decision as to which Easy CGI VPS hosting plan to select. The maximum number of domains you can host at Easy CGI is 30 domains. If you need to manage more domains than this, you will need to choose a dedicated server. Since you can't buy Windows 2003 dedicated servers from EasyCGI, we recommend you explore the "Products" tab at StartLogic as they offer low cost Plesk dedicated server hosting.

    EasyCGI VPS Review Suggestion: Customer Counts - Compare EasyCGI VPS quantum of customers per server. The more revenue a web host is generating per machine, the less pressure that they have to add customers to that particular Windows 2003 hardware box to drive more revenue. So Easy CGI is tiered in terms of customer counts. The cheap entry-level Easy CGI VPS plan has 30 customers per server, and their most expensive VPS account has only 10 accounts per dedicated server. By spending more per month your EasyCGI VPS hosting account will give you varying levels of server power. The fewer customers per VPS server, the better. The trade-off: each progressively better EasyCGI VPS account that you will review shall cost more per month.

    In conducting an Easy CGI VPS review you will need to consider other more standard factors like web space, bandwidth, cheap pricing, availability of 30-day refunds, etc. However, these are the easy elements to consider so keep the above four tips in mind during your Easy CGI VPS review and you will likely have much more success in finding the right monthly account.

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