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  • BlueHost EcommerceBlueHost EcommerceBlueHost Ecommerce Web Hosting

    Cheap BlueHost Ecommerce HostingBlueHost Ecommerce Web Hosting ReviewBlueHost Ecommerce Review

    A BlueHost ecommerce question from Abby: What does think about BlueHost's ecommerce hosting package? Is BlueHost ecommerce cheap enough and after reviewing it, would you recommend BlueHost to me as a top ecommerce web hosting recommendation?

    BlueHost wins our cheap ecommerce web site web hosting award!
    BlueHost Ecommerce Ranking
    Our Ecommerce Hosting Ranking: Five Starts out of Five
    Find BlueHost Ecommerce at: BlueHost EcommerceBlueHost
    Free Shopping Cart Included with Ecommerce Hosting Account? Yes
    BlueHost Ecommerce Hosting Space & Bandwidth: Unlimited GB / Unlimited GB
    Cheap BlueHost Ecommerce Hosting Offer Price: $4.95/mo. | Top Business Value

    Our BlueHost Ecommerce Review answer: Yes, the BlueHost Ecommerce hosting plan is a really great web hosting package to achieve cheap ecommerce web site hosting. In fact, we give the BlueHost Ecommerce web hosting package five stars in our ecommerce host review for a number of reasons!

    BlueHost Ecommerce Web Hosting BlueHost Ecommerce Review Reason One: BlueHost gets strong reviews from hundreds of fellow users here at In fact, we had one user who said that the top BlueHost ecommerce web hosting ranking reason was that they offered such "amazing 24/7 technical support." That user was not the only one who had such positive review comments about BlueHost's ecommerce website hosting offerings. As such, the first reason to choose BlueHost Ecommerce hosting would be their good relations with existing customers and strong tech support rankings when it comes to help new customers.

    BlueHost Ecommerce Cheap BlueHost Ecommerce Hosting Review Reason Two: Ultimately, a key reason to like BlueHost is that they offer the cheap BlueHost ecommerce hosting package as low as $6.95/month. That's is a very low cost monthly price and one of the cheapest we found in any web host's review. Having discount ecommerce hosting alone doesn't win BlueHost the award. The fact that they stuff (and we mean stuff large) their e-commerce web hosting plan bumps them up a notch. With an incredible unlimited amount of web space and bandwidth, BlueHost is possibly the cheapest ecommerce web host anywhere, especially when you consider the ecommerce shared hosting value you are getting for a low monthly fee equivalent. Unlimited eCommerce hosting from BlueHost is a great way to protect yourself in case your end up operating a very busy or high-traffic eCommerce website that could result from say a surge in traffic owing to some unexpected press coverage.

    Best BlueHost E-commerce Ranking Best BlueHost E-commerce Ranking Reason Three: BlueHost's Ecommerce account earns a high degree of deference in our recommendation report for the amount of value-add features they supply. Specifically in relationship to ecommerce hosting, there are several key BlueHost ecommerce account features that you would have to spend considerable amounts of money to buy elsewhere (or outside a Blue Host hosting plan). First, a free BlueHost SSL Secure Server is included with all hosting plans. Second, the BlueHost shopping cart evaluation wins an A+. The cheap ecommerce web site hosting provider includes with all affordable ecommerce plans the following shopping carts: OS Commerce Shopping Cart, Agora Shopping Cart, Cube Cart Shopping Cart, and the Zen Cart Shopping Cart. By including these shopping carts BlueHost gives many customers a reason to skip a review and buy from them right away (especially with their instant account set-up). Finally, BlueHost Ecommerce hosting also comes with a money back guarantee (30 days) so you can be sure you will get your website online and running before you need to worry about making the final call. Blue Host ecommerce hosting with a refund policy is about as risk-free hosting as you can find.

    BlueHost Ecommerce Review Bad A BlueHost Caution: This won't apply for 99.9% of websites that run fine (or better) on Linux, we have one caveat or warning in our BlueHost's ecommerce web hosting review that does not offer Windows web hosting or dedicated servers. Thus, if you want to build an ecommerce web site or online store and can't do this on Linux (which is the easier hosting platform to use in our opinion), then you will need to try a Windows web host since BlueHost specializes in Linux. Otherwise, we think their E-commerce hosting is top ranked. Windows hosting can be found here and dedicated servers found here. If you want to stream media within your ecommerce hosting plan, yes, BlueHost permits video streaming.

    In conclusion, our review thinks that BlueHost is a top ecommerce hosting provider.But we would love to hear your experiences, good (or bad!). Simply email us at and we will consider your comments for this evaluation report card on the web host. Choosing BlueHost as an E-commerce web hosting company makes sense. Between the large variety of software features included for free with the BlueHost e-commerce hosting package and the low monthly fees, BlueHost blends together all the right necessities of online store and web 2.0 commerce hosting.

    Find more comments on BlueHost here. This article was last updated in 2014.

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