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  • Cheap ASP.NET Multidomain Hosting Review

    Online Guide to Finding Cheap ASP.NET Multiple Domain Web Hosting

    User E-Mail Question Cheap ASP.NET Multidomain hosting is what I need, especially ASP.NET 2.0 - where can I buy cheap multiple domain name web hosting? Appreciate it. Response: Cheap ASP.NET Multidomain Hosting should first be explained. The Cheap element indicates that you are purchasing a low cost Windows-enabled hosting plan that will permit you to run ASP.NET. In general, cheap ASP.NET multidomain packages should run under $10 per month. The ASP.NET component is obviously the developer requirements that the hosting plan must contain. The most current ASP.NET version that most cheap ASP.NET multidomain web hosts offer is 2.0, so this should be relatively easy to find. Third, the multidomain aspect is the ability to host multiple domain names under a single ASP.NET account without having to purchase additional hosting accounts for each domain.

    So where do you find cheap ASP.NET multidomain web hosting? Once you find a cheap multidomain web hosting provider, how do you know whether they are good? To answer the first part - we have reviewed the web hosts in our directory and located who we believe to be the cheapest multidomain web hosting service around. IX Web Hosting offers a Business Plus hosting plan, that is driven by Windows servers, and lets you host up to 8 (eight) different domains on the single account. Being a cheap ASP.NET multidomain hosting package, it costs only $9.95 a month, which is a good price to pay for multidomain Windows hosting. In addition, when you are trying to find a cheap multidomain plan be sure to find a provider offering the latest version of ASP.NET since it will provide an indication as to their "currentness" of their technical support staff.

    Having found what we believe to be the lowest priced and cheapest multidomain hosting provider, how can we be confident to recommend this provider to you? First, IX Web Hosting offers a 30-day money back guarantee. No matter which cheap multidomain web host you eventually select, be sure they offer a money back return. This way if you don't like the cheap ASP.NET 2.0 hosting service, you will not be stuck with the provider but can instead change hosts. Second, IX Web Hosting has received strong reviews from our users. In fact, they also rank on our main monthly Top 10 list. While cheap ASP.NET 2.0 multidomain hosting is just one of their product features, we are confident that user reviews for their hosting services overall speak highly to their cheap multidomain features. In addition, we have been sent plenty of feedback from both personal and small business hosting buyers on them, so we figure that their service levels and 99.9% uptime guarantee, will properly deliver your website with adequate reliability. Lastly, cheap multi-domain ASP.NET hosting is only good if the remainder of the non-domain related services, including subdomains, offered by the web host are competitive. In other words, does the cheap multidomain hosting account leave you with sufficient disk space and bandwidth to run a proper website. This is an important consideration to keep in mind if you are attempting to review a cheap ASP.NET multidomain hosting offer. Remember, if you run several popular domain names under a single Windows ASP.NET 2.0 hosting plan, but the bandwidth allowance is too low, you could be stuck with overage charges resulting in your cheap multidomain hosting package becoming much less cheap. Fortunately, IX Web Hosting offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited web space in their cheap ASP.NET multidomain web hosting package. This will make your multiple domain hosting choice good to go with a decision to use their cheap ASP.NET 2.0 multidomain hosting service. Thanks once again for your cheap multidomain hosting question - if you enjoy IX Web Hosting's risk-free service, drop us a line and we will add your feedback into our article. If you are looking for a different type of hosting (other than Cheap ASP.NET Multidomain Hosting) please send us an email to and we will answer your multiple domain name or other related-question in a new review and recommendation article. You may also wish to visit our Cheap ASP Hosting showcase for other discount ASP.NET domain name hosting options.

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